3 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Pull Ups

pull ups workout tips Jul 17, 2023

3 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Pull Ups!

Do this to instantly improve your pull-ups. 

Let's get started!

  •  Scapula Pull-Ups: Mastering the scapular pull-up is crucial for developing proper pull-up form. Focus on engaging your scapula, also known as your shoulder blades is CRUCIAL. To do so, hang under a pull up bar, keep your arms straight and do “mini-pulling repetitions” without bending your arms. This requires you to depress your shoulders all the way down and then pull them back up without bending your arms. Your shoulder blades should be down and squeezed together when you are at the top of the pull up, then they come up and apart as you are going down. This isolates the movement around your scapula. Keep your head up, arms straight, and emphasize the shrugging motion as you pull. Add a hold at the end of each set. This foundational exercise sets the stage for a better pull-up technique.

Go for 5-10 reps x 5 sets. Adjust as needed.

  •  Isometric...
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No Equipment Calisthenics Ab Workout for Beginners

core workout tips Jul 17, 2023

No Equipment Calisthenics Ab Workout for Beginners!

A beginner's guide to burning love handles.

We're going to focus on the obliques, an essential section of the core. 

Strengthening the core involves three key components: extension, compression, and twisting. Let's dive into the exercises that will specifically target twisting and oblique engagement.

  •  Windshield Wipers on the Floor: This exercise is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Start by lying on the floor with your legs upright and toes pulled towards you. Maintain your pelvis titled back to ensure your back doesn't arch. Engage your glutes, connecting them to your abs, and keep your legs perpendicular to your body at a 90-degree angle. From this position, control the descent on one side and return to the starting point, then come down on the other side and repeat. Alternate sides, maintaining a straight line from your shoulders to your feet throughout the movement. Ultimately you are using your legs as a...
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Simple Full Body Beginner-Intermediate Calisthenics Workout

Simple Full Body Beginner-Intermediate Calisthenics Workout.

In this post I want to focus on a simple full body Calisthenics Workout for beginners and intermediates.

Here are three exercises that will make you feel more agile, stronger, faster, and overall enhance your "human" skills. 

Let's get started!

  •  Crawling: Crawling is an essential primal movement that we used to do as kids, and it's important to maintain that ability as adults to keep our mobility intact. Start by getting down on all fours and crawl forward. Keep your hips and chest low while maintaining a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Avoid piking up or arching your back. Alternate bringing your knee to the corresponding elbow on each side. When crawling backward, maintain the same momentum and reverse the pattern. This exercise challenges your coordination, agility, and engages your core, triceps, and chest.

Go for 10 crawling (down and back), adjust distance depending on level. Minimum...

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3 Calisthenics Moves for Bullet Proof Core and Shoulders

core push ups Jul 15, 2023

3 Calisthenics Moves for Bullet Proof Core and Shoulders!

Let’s discuss three intermediate to advanced calisthenics exercises to develop strong shoulders and a bulletproof core. 

Let's dive in!

  •  Dive Bomb Push-ups: This exercise starts with a pike push-up where you then “dive” into a low plank position and back. In details you need to begin in a pike position with your pelvis tilted back, staying on your toes. Lean your shoulders slightly forward over your hands, engaging your shoulders and creating tension. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, bringing your hands to your hips for a full range of motion. Avoid arching your body at the end of the movement to maintain core tension. Press back up to the starting position, keeping a straight back throughout. This exercise is rather advanced and challenges your entire upper body and core.

Go for 3-5 reps x 3-5 sets

  •  Shoulder Forward Lean: This exercise is a variation of a plank performed on your elbows,...
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The Most Important Calisthenics Skill You Need To Master

core workout tips Jul 14, 2023

The Most Important Calisthenics Skill You Need To Master!

Today, we're going to dive into one of the most crucial aspects of calisthenics: the hollow body.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, mastering the hollow body technique is essential for all movements, from push-ups to pull-ups, and even isometric holds like the human flag or lever. 

So, let's explore three important exercises that will help you develop your hollow body skill.

  •  Laying Hollow Hold: The floor hollow hold is a foundational exercise that allows you to practice the hollow body position. Start by laying on your back with your arms extended overhead, shoulders and feet off the ground. You have to engage your core and tilt your pelvis back to create a flat back. You can adjust the difficulty by lifting your legs higher and/or bending your knees until you can hold it with straight arms and straight legs. Maintain this position for as long as possible, focusing on building strength...
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How To Do More Push Ups

push ups workout tips Jul 14, 2023

How To Do More Push Ups?

Today, we're going to address an exercise that everyone practices: push-ups. 

I see a lot of people doing them wrong. Proper form and strength are essential for mastering this basic movement.

So, I want to share four exercises that will help you build the necessary strength and improve your push-up technique. 

Let's dive in:

  •  Knee Push-Ups: Knee push-ups are a fundamental exercise that can help you build the required strength for full push-ups. Start in a plank position, then lower yourself down onto your knees and push back up. The focus here is on the negative portion of the movement, which will strengthen your triceps and chest. Work on controlling the descent and using your knees to assist you back up.
  •  Knee Push-Ups with Paused Reps: If you're still struggling with proper form even with knee push-ups, this exercise is for you. Perform knee push-ups as before, but this time, add a pause at the bottom and in the middle of the...
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Replace 15 Bad Foods With These Good Foods

nutrition Jul 13, 2023

Replace 15 Bad Foods With These Good Foods!

Today, we're shifting gears and focusing on a topic that plays a vital role in achieving your fitness goals: food. 

In this post, we'll explore how to replace 15 unhealthy food choices with better alternatives that are both nutritious and delicious. 

As they say, abs are made in the kitchen, and this information will help you make smarter choices to support your workout progress.

Now, let's dive into the details of :

  •  Canned Tomato Sauce: Instead of using store-bought tomato sauce, which often contains high sugar and sodium, opt for fresh tomatoes. While fresh tomatoes should be consumed in moderation due to their potential inflammatory properties and high sugar, they also provide health benefits and are a tastier option for dishes like bolognese.
  •  Microwave Popcorn: Microwave popcorn is packed with chemicals and additives that are bad for your health. Swap it out for organic pop corn kernels, popped in a sauce pan...
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Calisthenics Full Body Workout Challenge

full body workout tips Jul 12, 2023

Calisthenics Full Body Workout Challenge!

Today, we're diving into the exciting Summer Body Challenge.

We'll explore a range of great exercises to boost your cardio, lean out your physique, and build strong muscles. 

Let's kick things off with the ever-effective jump rope.

Whether you're a beginner or already a jump rope enthusiast, this exercise is a game-changer for cardiovascular fitness. I highly recommend mastering the technique to ensure optimal performance and consistency in your workouts. 

Here's a breakdown of the proper jump rope technique for those who are getting started:

  •  Keep your feet together, hands positioned low at hip level, shoulders relaxed, and abs engaged.
  •  Avoid jumping too high, as this can be counterproductive and waste energy. Beginners often make this mistake.
  •  Turn the rope using your wrists, not your shoulders. Keeping your shoulders down is key.
  •  For variation, try jumping side to side instead of always on both feet....
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Travel-Friendly Calisthenics Core Workouts

core workout tips Jul 12, 2023

Travel-Friendly Calisthenics Core Workouts.

Today, I want to share three core calisthenics exercises that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment.

All you need is a small resistant band. Let's get started!

The first exercise is the overhead arm extensions. 

Anchor the behind you around mid-back height (the lower the harder). From there, stand in a slight lunge, grab the band behind you and lift your elbows up, then extend your arms up (lean into a hollow body form) from there. This way, you “pull” the band from behind to over your head. This requires to engage in a full hollow body core contraction (pelvis tilted back, rib cages tucked in) while holding your hands over your head. 

This exercise targets your triceps and engages your core. It's important to maintain proper form and ground yourself as you perform the movement. By engaging your mid-back and keeping your rib cage tucked in, you ensure that your abs stay straight and avoid arching your back.

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Major Fitness Lies That Need To Stop

Major Fitness Lies That Need To Stop!

Today, I want to address some major lies that are circulating the internet when it comes to fitness. It's crucial not to fall for the hype and instead, make informed decisions based on accurate information. Let's dive into it.

Firstly, let's talk about the 22-day abs challenge. Or whatever "4 week abs program" you saw on Instagram. If you believe that you can achieve a shredded six-pack in just 22 days, or 4 weeks, it's important to understand that it's simply impossible. While the person promoting it may be knowledgeable and experienced, claiming such results in a short timeframe is misleading. Achieving visible abs depends more on reducing body fat than doing specific core exercises. Building a fast metabolism, eating right, and consistently working out are key. Remember, those impressive results took years of dedicated effort, so be realistic and avoid falling for unrealistic time frames.

The second issue I want to address is the...

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