I Haven't Trained in 6 Months

workout tips Aug 08, 2023

I Haven't Trained in 6 Months.

Ok, let's address the clickbait title – yes, I have been training, but my focus has shifted to what I call the "small work" for the last 6 months. 

This involves paying attention to the small details, joint mobility, movement patterns, and precision in my workouts.

One of the key elements of my routine has been mixing 3 days of bodyweight and light band specific work sessions, with 3 days of hard weighted calisthenics sessions where I strictly focus on compound movements.

I put a lot of emphasize on leg work during the weighted sessions (2 leg sessions + 1 full body session).

The bands, on the other hand, have been great in addressing the health of my shoulder blades and the transversal plane of my back.

They have allowed for fuller and more controlled scapular movements/shrugs, and I've varied the set-ups to target different angles. 

I've also mixed in exercises like scapula movements, planks and shrugs variations. 

Here is a...

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Don't Let Anything Stop You

mindset workout tips Aug 07, 2023

Don't let anything stop you.

You have to build your own mindset, and you can not wait for it to just happen.

Calisthenics training is a great metaphor for life. Use it or loose it. 

When I had to deal with an injury on my right hand for close to 3 months, I wasn’t able to train any real calisthenics pulling or hanging during that time.

So i focused on everything else (pushing, core, legs). 

I was seeking feedback from my body when pain lowered down. Working out promotes overall healing.

I was focusing on how my movements were affected by my limitation and how I could work around it. 

Whatever movement you can not perform because of an injury, here are some tips to keep going:

  • Work what's around the injury
  • Work on the side or part that is not injured
  • Focus on overall compound movement training
  • Substitute full body movements with light band exercises alternative

In this muscle up video, my right injured pinky finger is healing and almost not squeezed at...

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Explosive Calisthenics to Break Plateaus

workout tips Aug 03, 2023

Use Explosive Calisthenics to Break Plateaus!

Explosive training is one of the calisthenics secrets.

It will take your skills and strength to the next level.

The regular "workouts" that most people follow, often lacks fast and athletic training.

You can apply speed training to all calisthenics movements.

But push ups are the best way to start working on explosive strength. 

Incorporating fast and controlled movements to your workouts is great to build overall athleticism. Speed and explosive power are important components of success in many sports. The ability to move at multiple levels of speed, at just the right time is critical to success within any game.

Speed and precision are essential features to develop functional strength and muscle endurance. This allows our bodies to learn how to repeat an intense and quick effort over a longer period of time than what we are used to. It is also a great tool to increase and fine tune mental calibration.

You will build very responsive...

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Venice Beach Calisthenics Knock Out Competition

pull ups Aug 01, 2023

Venice Beach Calisthenics Knock Out Competition!

Check out some highlights of this Calisthenics Knock Out style competition!

This was a lot of fun!

Each participant got a 3 min round to get the most points out of there run (tricks, statics, style). 

Each apparatus had to be dismounted, meaning you had to make an “exit” out of it. For example, do a flip, or any sort of cool tricks to exit the apparatus and move to another one.

Each participant was stopped whenever they failed at a dismount or had to redo a trick. 

The round was ended and moved on to the next participant, and so on.

Watch some great Live replays here!

Use these timestamps:

1- Dan: 0:00

2 - Participant 2: 3:40

3 - Mark: 2:42

4 - Emy 1:12

It was a great day in Venice Beach with amazing calisthenics performances.

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Venice Beach Calisthenics Games - Results & Replay

Venice Beach Calisthenics Games - Results & Replay!

The Venice Beach Calisthenics Games took place last Saturday and the results are in!

The Sets and Reps Competition had about 50 participants (men and women) competing for the most reps possible in pull ups, push ups and dips.

Form had to be clean for the repetitions to be counted as valid. 

Each movement had to be performed with full range of motion (elbow lock out) and in one go (no pause or stopping allowed).

Some really strong athletes took part in the event! The rules were strict with everyone.

And the results are here!

Men's winners

  • Pull ups: 29
  • Push ups: 75
  • Dips: 60

Women's winners

  • Pull ups: 12
  • Push ups: 39
  • Dips: 18

These numbers are solid given that no breaks were allowed at all! Any repetition that wasn't clean was NOT counted. 

Overall the energy was really high the whole day.

The afternoon was the amateur freestyle session!

Watch some cool tricks in the IG Live Replays here!

It was a great time, seeing...

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Work On Your Sides

core Jul 31, 2023

Work on your "sides" for a strong core!

Use this calisthenics scissors core exercise, to target your obliques and transverse muscles.

The goal is to stand in the starting position of a dip, then lift your legs up straight one after another. With each leg you must bring it OVER the bar, then BELOW it, and bringing it back in the middle, without ever touching the bar.

If you can't do it yet, without touching, start by just lifting one leg over the bar and bring it back before it touches the metal.

Keep your legs straight, point your toes, avoid swinging. Keep the leg in the middle as immobile as possible while you are lifting the other leg above the bar.

Watch the video here!

Go for sets of 5+ repetitions per leg. You can perform 3 to 4 sets of this and mix it up with knee raises and static floor holds for a great core session.

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Simple Calisthenics Ab Workout

online calisthenics Jul 29, 2023

I use this as a calisthenics workout finisher.

This is a great move that will fire your entire body (lats, serratus, core, glutes, legs).

Lie in a hollow body position on the floor. Place a resistance band under your lower back/glutes and pull both ends up with your arms straight up, palms facing up! 

Lift your legs up, straight, pointing your toes in front of you a few inches from the floor.

Hold from there.

Alternate hollow body holds and leg flutters. Go for 5 rounds of 30 sec to 1 min each.

Use a resistance band that challenges you enough so you can hold it for 30 seconds.

Hold a water bottle in each hand or any weighted object if you don't have bands.

Increase resistance, reps, time as you progress.

Pair this exercise with some superman holds and/or scorpio raises.

Your abs are going to burn!

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Become An Expert at Pull Ups

pull ups workout tips Jul 26, 2023

Become An Expert at Pull Ups!

Do pull ups. All day, everyday. For the rest of your life.

It doesn't mean you have to do the same workout everyday. But the back is very often over looked and under trained!

So practice pulling in all forms and shapes as much as you can. 

Lifting your body off the ground and the ease at which you do it, is one of the best fitness and strength test out there.

I have seen many great pro athletes struggling with pull ups. 

My point is that this is a hard skill for just EVERYBODY. 

That doesn't mean dont' do it. This means train more and get good at it!

Become a Pull up expert!

Here is how:

  • If you are starting your calisthenics journey, use easier variations such as Australian row, pull ups with band assistance or high bar shrug pull ups.
  • If you are progressing into more advanced variations, add more reps, use harder moves such as typewriter pull ups. Use pyramid and ladder training to apply progressive overload.
  • If you are...
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How To Know if Your Handstand is Straight

handstand skills Jul 26, 2023

How To Know if Your Handstand is Straight?

It is sometimes tricky to know if we are straight when being upside down.

Using a wall or bar is a great way to use support to train hip and shoulder extension. 

Here are a few pointers:

  • Sit against the wall and check where your feet are. This is where you will place your hands for the exercise. 
  • Face and "walk" the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor.
  • Extend rib cage through an external shoulder rotation and bring one leg up while pressing the other to the wall.
  • It should feel as if the rib cage is extending (use the full serratus muscle group, anterior and posterior) while the pelvis is tucked back and hips are "pulling" the legs up with pointed toes.
  • Aim for a 90 degree angle between both legs and try to hold for 5-10 sec each leg. Repeat cycle 3 to 5 times.

Focus on “feeling” the alignment while holding. This will build body and spatial awareness as you practice.

Then use this feeling while...

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Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee

core workout tips Jul 25, 2023

Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee!

The dragon flag is the first cool looking calisthenics movement I practiced. 

It was made popular by Bruce Lee, and builds amazing core strength.

It’s the best movement to train for the front lever. 

You need to use your full body including core, lats, arms and legs to keep your feet off the ground. Also engage your lower back!

Here are some detailed pointers:

  • The goal is to lay on your shoulders and hold your legs in front of you. Avoid the common mistake of putting to much pressure on your neck. There should no pressure at all there. The weight is on the shoulder blades
  • From there lift your feet up at a 45 degree angle and hold your legs straight in the air. 
  • If you can’t hold your legs straight yet, start with the tuck version of the movement where you bring your knees to your chest. From there focus on extending your knees little by little.
  • If you are more advanced, then lower your feet as much as you can and hold it...
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