2 Move Variations for Strong Shoulders (Videos)

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2023

You probably heard me say that strong shoulders are important.

Because they are essential! So today we are diving in 2 movement variations to get your shoulders very strong and stable.

Make sure to warm up efficiently before you start!

1. The Pike Push Up

You may know and or use this movement, but here is a particular adjustment you have to make if needed: lean forward before you start bending your elbows. This will allow you to recruit your pec-minor and the upper part of the pec major muscle group to support your shoulders, specially at the bottom of the push up.

Push back up straight!

Watch the video here.

2. The Elevated Pike Push up

Once you are comfortable with pike push ups, use anything to elevate your feet (chair, bench, yoga blocks....) and perform the pike push up from there.

Elevating your feet helps put more relative weight on your upper chest and shoulder area.

The higher your feet are, the harder the pike push will be.

Watch the video here.

Make those a...

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3 Calisthenics Exercises To Get Strong and Healthy Shoulders

online calisthenics Jul 10, 2023

Today, we're going to dive into an essential topic: building strong shoulders.

Strong shoulders are crucial for overall upper body strength and contribute significantly to your overall body strength. So, let's take some time to discuss the key factors that will help you develop robust and powerful shoulders.

To kick things off, we'll start with a mobility drill called the Shoulder Dislocates with a stick. This drill is designed to improve shoulder mobility and ensure that you can achieve full range of motion. Lack of mobility often restricts people's ability to fully express their shoulder strength, leading to less than satisfactory results. 

For this exercise, all you need is a stick or a broom. Stand straight and hold the stick it front of you with a grip wider than shoulder-width. The goal is to move the stick behind you and as low as possible, while rolling your shoulder blades and engaging your shoulder muscles. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you bring...

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3 Movements For a Full Body Calisthenics Workout. No Equipment.

online calisthenics Jul 10, 2023

Today, I want to discuss three great movements that provide simultaneous upper body and lower body action. These exercises are not only good for cardio, mobility, coordination, and strength, but they also deliver a well-rounded workout when incorporated into your fitness routine.

Let's start with the spider push-up. It's a classic variation where you bring your knee to your elbow with each repetition, alternating legs each time. Here's how it's done: as you lower yourself down, bring your knee to your elbow, ensuring a strong connection. This engagement is crucial for maximum core activation. Keep your core tucked in and your shoulders protracted while performing the movement. Avoid arching your back or letting it sag. Keep your foot grounded firmly to maintain balance when lifting one leg. Remember to switch legs for every repetition. When viewed from the front, you should notice that your elbows remain close to your body throughout the exercise. This steady position, along with...

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The Hardest Calisthenics Workout I've Ever Done

online calisthenics Jul 09, 2023

I am part of UNOG, the United Nations Of Gains.

This is a group of friends that stems from Venice Beach. 

It’s composed of many different people, from all origins, age and genders, all working towards the betterment of oneself through calisthenics.

Joining Unog comes with a hard task - completing the introductory challenge that demands pushing your physical and mental limits.

The challenge consists of a 6.5-mile sand run followed by 1220 repetitions of calisthenics exercises

I finally had a chance to do it on June 27. I finished the 6.5 miles sand run in 65 minutes and completed the full challenge (run + reps) in 4 hours.

To break it down, I had to complete the following exercises:

  •  20 muscle ups
  •  200 pull ups
  •  200 squats
  •  200 push ups
  •  200 dips
  •  200 medium band triceps extensions
  •  200 leg flutters

Facing this mountain of repetitions, I approached it just like any another workout and devised a...

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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Here is How.

online calisthenics Jul 06, 2023

Today, we're going to dive into the topic of stepping out of our comfort zones and how it can lead to significant progress. 

Getting out of our comfort zones is a guaranteed way to improve throughout the year. 

For beginners who have been inactive for a while, getting out of the comfort zone means taking the first step and starting now. Learning the fundamental exercises of calisthenics, such as push-ups, squats, and core work, is a great way to begin. Implementing these exercises regularly throughout the week, whether through a push-up challenge or incorporating different sets and variations, will get you off the couch and into an active routine. Consistency and forming habits from this starting point are key.

If you've already started your calisthenics journey but find yourself stuck in a plateau, breaking your routine is the way to go. Reset and rewrite your workouts, adding more repetitions, reducing rest time, incorporating harder variations of exercises, and even...

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4 Things That Are Killing Your Calisthenics Fitness Gains

online calisthenics Jul 06, 2023

Today, we're going to discuss the 4 things that are killing your gains.

The first reason why most people fail to see results is simply that they don't train enough. Many of us start our training journey in one way or another, and it's often recommended to begin slowly, gradually increasing the intensity. Starting at a manageable pace is not a bad idea, but once you've familiarized yourself with the movements and techniques, it's crucial to push yourself further. You don't have to train for years to witness progress; instead, aim to increase your training volume and speed as soon as possible. Both factors play a significant role in achieving results. Allow me to provide an example of a recommended workout, specifically designed for beginners and intermediates, known as the Level 1 Workout in our program.

The Level 1 Workout consists of six training sessions per week, which is a reasonable frequency for those who are genuinely committed to success. It's important to note that training...

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Essential Lower Body Calisthenics Tips

online calisthenics Jul 05, 2023

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about 2 essential things you can do to get a stronger body: warm up your wrists extensively, every day and constantly aim to get a strong false grip when working out.

Today we continue with a focus on 4 lower body adjustments you should make to get a stronger lower and overall body.

Let’s start with the pelvis.

The posterior pelvis tilt is of paramount importance. Let’s delve into the significance of the pelvis tilt in calisthenics training a majority of us suffer from an anterior pelvis tilt caused by excessive sitting. This tilt is often accompanied by a weak lower back, particularly the lumbar area. Prolonged periods of sitting and driving exacerbate this issue. Consequently, we must prioritize the practice of posterior pelvis tilt.

Whether you are performing pull-ups, push-ups a squat, or static holds, mastering the pelvis tilt is crucial. The objective is to learn how to control your pelvis and reverse its forward tilt....

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How To Unlock Your First Pull Ups with Calisthenics

online calisthenics Jun 29, 2023

When it comes to getting started with pull-ups, it's important to follow a progressive approach.

Many feel intimidated by pull-ups and may prefer alternative exercises to build strength and confidence.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you develop the necessary strength and technique for pull-ups.

  •  Warm-up: Begin with a warm-up exercise called the "pull apart" using a light resistance band. Perform 10+ reps from different angles to engage your scapula and shoulder blades.
  •  Front Row/Bent Row: Use a resistance band to perform the front row exercise, focusing on good lat activation and proper form. Gradually increase the resistance as you progress.
  •  Doorway Pull-up: Use a lower bar or rail in a park setting as an alternative to a pull-up bar. Perform Australian pull-ups or inverted rows, alternating grips to balance the workload.
  •  Scapula Retraction: Lay on the floor, face down, and perform scapula retractions (mimicking a pull up) by pinching your shoulder...
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6 Calisthenics Plank Variations To Get Strong Abs

online calisthenics Jun 26, 2023

Today, we're going to focus on the importance of planks and the various variations you can incorporate into your routine.

Planks are often seen as a simple exercise, but there are actually many different ways to perform them, each targeting different muscles and adding new challenges to your workouts. So, let's get started with the different plank variations.

First, we have the Plank Forward Lean. In this variation, instead of keeping your shoulders over your hands, you lean slightly forward to create tension and activate your core. By shifting the position of your hands, you engage your core more effectively, which benefits movements like handstands, planches, and other challenging yoga poses. Remember to focus on keeping a straight line and avoid stacking your shoulders directly over your hands.

Next, we have the Superman Plank. In this variation, your arms are overhead, bringing your hands as far as your arms extend, creating more distance between your hands and feet. By doing...

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All My Calisthenics Blog Articles in One Spot

online calisthenics Jun 26, 2023

I have been posting articles about calisthenics for years.

Wether you are a beginner or more advanced, my goal is to give you as much practical information for you to thrive with calisthenics.

You will find lots of information, on different topics, from training to nutrition, mobility, mindset and more.

Here is the full summary, sorted by theme, including links to each post.

Use it to train, make progress, break plateaus and thrive!


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