How To Really Get Strong Lower Abs With Calisthenics

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

One of the main things I got from doing calisthenics is a strong lower core section.

In this video, I will show you 3 great exercises to use in your workout to get a solid core.

These are intermediate-advanced movements and will be a game changer if you haven't tried them yet!

You can build your core workout around these movements and use it to make progress with your front lever and pulling strength.

Aim at doing 5-10 repetitions or seconds of static hold per exercise. Repeat for 3 to 5 rounds.

Let's go!

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3 Calisthenics Movements For A Full Body Workout

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Here are 3 movements for a great full body calisthenics workout.

They require no-equipment and each provide a full body workout. There are many benefits to using these moves.

One of them is to burn calories quicker, by using a larger amount of muscles.

So this can be the ultimate bodyweight workout, when you combine it with some pulling exercises.

These are movements suitable for any level, and great to learn mobility if your are starting calisthenics.

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How To Build Real Strength With These 4 Calisthenics Movements

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Getting results is what everybody commits to on January 1st.

Then some do, some don't.

 So here is a video where I talk about 4 of the best calisthenics exercises to gain real strength, and build muscle in the process.

While a lot of people are looking for fancy things to do to get strong, calisthenics foundation movements are the best tool to build both strength and muscle mass.

By making the adjustments I show you in the video, you will take those movements and your strength to the next level.

Performing these movements will increase your strength.  

Keep in mind that your results will depend on factors such as your diet (what food do you eat, how much, when), rep count & sets, pace, movements range of motion, intensity, frequency of training and consistency overtime. 

Let's go!

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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Calisthenics

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Let's chat about how to get out of your comfort zone and be successful with your workouts!

Wether you are just getting started with calisthenics or already are an advanced athlete or been lifting for a long time, you will find ideas to work on, to break out of your comfort zone and make progress! 

Here are some ideas and case scenario that may resonate with you:

  1. You are a beginner/not active
  2. You started calisthenics and now have been reaching plateaus
  3. You lift weights and now need new goals
  4. You are an advanced calisthenics athlete
  5. You eat well but its getting boring with white rice and chicken breast
  6. You are very active but need some creative balance in life

Now is always the best time to start!

Let's go!

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How To Boost Your Strength!

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Here are 7 tips to boost your strength and get better at calisthenics overall.

In this video, I'll show you how to strengthen essential muscles to increase your mobility and workout results.

Learning detailed techniques and methods is the key to progress. 

Practice these key mobility and strength elements consistently, to see improvement and results.

Implement these tips when you practice any calisthenics movement. Your form will improve and your strength will increase.

Results are a product of technique and consistency.

You will find many more new techniques and programs, to start building strength in our full online course.

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Build Strength And Speed With Push Ups

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Here are 3 fun and dynamic push up variations that will help you build strength and speed.

Those push ups are great to get a strong chest and core. It will also be challenging your coordination and overall balance and endurance.

Practice these 3 types of push ups regularly. You can substitute or start your classic push up sessions with these variations.

  1. Explosive Tuck Push Ups
  2. Criss Cross Push ups
  3. Side Steps Push ups

Aim at shorter sets (3-5 reps) to start learning the skills, then increase your rep count as needed (10+).

Let's go!

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How To Get Started With Pull Ups

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Wether you are a complete beginner or you already workout, pull ups will always be demanding.

In this video, you will learn about foundation pulling exercises and progressions that will improve your pulling strength and overall back/shoulder mobility.

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Best Calisthenics Planks To Build Your Core

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Let me show you how to get strong abs with 6 different plank variations.

In this video I show you the some of the best calisthenics exercises to build a solid core.

These plank workouts will increase your core strength and benefit all the other movements you are practicing, such as handstands, levers or planche.

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How To Workout Your Lower Abs With Calisthenics!

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022

Many people work on their core and don't see the results they want.

The key is to target the lower abs to build solid core foundations.

In this video I talk about how to do that with 10 exercises, from beginner to more advanced.

I also address some important points about how the core works, how to burn fat and build muscle overall.

Let's go!

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Build Explosive and Strong Legs With Calisthenics

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022

Every day is leg day!

It needs to be the way we think about how important our legs are.

Workout your legs as much as you can. On days where you don't, make sure to do some active stretching, to keep making your legs strong. 

Our legs have to be strong and mobile in order to cary our bodies around, ALL the time.

Here is a video to show you some great calisthenics exercises that will help you build explosive and strong legs.

Let's go!

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